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While completing this form, please upload your MRI images by selecting “File Upload” option under the question “I will send my MRI through.” Once selected, the File Upload instructions will appear below the question.

Please be sure to include both the actual MRI images (DICOM format strongly preferred) and the report. We cannot complete a review with just a report, and it is best to upload both.

If you have a physical copy of your MRI (CD, USB, etc)

You can also mail or drop off your images after submitting this form at the following address:

Millennium Medical Management

ATTN: MRI Review
7955 Spyglass Hill Rd
Melbourne, FL 32940

***Deuk Spine Institute is not responsible for returning MRI discs or images. If you wish to retain the originals, please make an additional copy or include a stamped, self-addressed return envelope with your images***

Why Request a Free MRI Review From Our Spine Specialists?

Your priority as a patient is to gather as much information as possible about your diagnosis,
especially if treatment options like surgery are being recommended. This is where a second opinion
can be helpful.

Here at Deuk Spine Institute, our mission is to eliminate your back and neck pain in the most noninvasive way possible,
so you can go back to living a pain free life. We find that there are often non-surgical treatments and surgical
solutions recommended that may be ineffective for your conditions or may make matters worse by adding damage to your
body or involving a painful and long recovery.

Obtaining a second opinion can help you avoid any mishaps and make the right decision for your body and your life.

If you have a recent MRI or CT-Scan, Deuk Spine Institute will review it for free, simply fill out theform above.

1. Avoid Being Misdiagnosed

The worst thing you can do is take your first diagnosis at face value. There is absolutely a way to
eliminate your chronic pain for good, and it may not be the pill, stretch, ointment, medicine, or
invasive surgery that was first recommended to you.

Getting a second opinion can help you better understand your MRI, your treatment options and
whether or not your first diagnosis was completely accurate. Over 12 million people are
misdiagnosed every year in the United States. Human error is commonplace. Let’s get your MRI
reviewed again by our seasoned clinicians.

2. Don’t Settle for Pain “Relief”

If you’re suffering from chronic pain and seeking relief, you may have been told there is a pill,
stretch, device, medicine, or ointment that can help and that surgery can’t help. Many doctors don’t
believe or know that chronic back and neck pain can be eliminated, and so they misinform their
patients by recommending solutions that are more like band-aids than a cure.

When getting a free MRI review from Deuk Spine Institute, you are talking to professionals who cure
chronic pain every day for patients. There
absolutely is a solution here that will help you live a painfree life and we want to make sure you’re getting the best
information to make the right decision for
your body and your life.

3. Surgery is a Big Decision, Know Your Options.

Depending on your first MRI reading and diagnosis, you may have been told that spine surgery will
help your back or neck pain. Perhaps you are
considering Spinal Fusion or a Laminectomy or a Total
Disc Replacement. Many of these surgeries are incredibly invasive, can cause additional damage to
the body and include a long recovery without guaranteeing the results you’re looking for. It’s
important to get a second opinion when
choosing which spine surgery would be best to solve your
problem for good.

Get a free MRI review from the world-class physicians at Deuk Spine Institute, who are familiar with
the newest and most advanced technologies and have performed thousands of procedures with a
95% success rate in complete elimination of pain.

Claim your free MRI review by completing the form above and including your recent MRI or CT-Scan.